Join the Abrahamic Reunion to hear the personal stories and perspectives of Young Peacemakers of the Holy Land – Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Samaritan and Druze.

Thursday December 3rd 5 pm UK, 7 pm Israel, 12 pm EDT online via Zoom and Facebook Live

  • Sajedah Qudsi, Muslim youth peacebuilder from East Jerusalem
  • Dvir Warshovsky, Jewish youth peacebuilder from Yeruham in the South of Israel
  • Hala Halabi, Druze youth peacebuilder from Daliat al-Carmel
  • Malkon Marizian, Armenian youth peacebuilder from East Jerusalem

To make peace in the Holy Land’s complex mixture of culture, history, politics, and religion, each peacemaker must navigate many nuances and subtle complexities every day to do the work of building bridges of hope, trust, and connection.

  • How did these men and women find themselves called to this work?
  • How do they avoid polarization in daily life amidst such a landscape?
  • How do these peacemakers view and speak to current and historical events in ways that build community?

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