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Despite the relentlessness of the war in Gaza and in Israel, our goal is clear.  We continue to support the many initiatives that bring Israelis and Palestinians together.  These people are our role-models.  The people who understand that it is possible to hold several perspectives in your mind at the same time.  The people who refuse to accept that the moderate Palestinians and Israelis are their enemy.  We believe that building up trust between human beings is the only way to combat the growing fear and hatred.

Today we continue and bring you another in our series of one minute video clips – Voices of Hope and Fear.

Jane Krivine – CEO of the Freddie Krivine Tennis Initiative.

Jane was in the classical music business before she left London to live in Israel in 2004.  Since 2005 Jane has managed the Freddie Krivine Initiative, the vision of her late father Freddie who was President of the Israel Tennis Association.  

About the Freddie Krivine Tennis Initiative

“Sport has the power to change a nation because sport has the power to inspire”  Nelson Mandela

For over 20 years the Freddie Krivine Initiative has helped to break down stereotypes by bringing Jewish and Arab children together through their interest in tennis. Several thousand disaffected Arab Israeli young people from some of the most socio-economically disadvantaged villages in Israel have enjoyed playing tennis with their Jewish Israeli counterparts and have built long-lasting friendships.

Latest news from the Freddie Krivine Tennis Initiative

From Lee Wilson, Director of the Freddie Krivine Tennis Initiative

Encountering people from diverse backgrounds and exploring various traditions are crucial social skills that foster adaptability and understanding, desperately needed in our divided society.
Next week the children will be making decorations for Ramadan in preparation for our annual Iftar dinner, which will bring together 150 Jewish and Arab children and families

This week, the children from the villages of Jisr a Zarqa and Faradis dedicated time after their tennis classes to create personal greeting cards and pack Mishloach Manot (Purim gifts). They’re preparing to bring these gifts to the local village of Binyamina, where we’ve been invited to join in a joint Jewish-Arab Purim celebration on their tennis courts. This event marks the third year of our twinning program with them.

Naomi, our dedicated volunteer, assisted the children in writing their names in both Hebrew and English and shared insights about the significance of Purim. This made the children even more curious about Naomi – and here is the conversation that ensued:

Children: Naomi, do you fast on Ramadan?
Naomi: No, I’m not Muslim.
Children: (Surprised) Then what are you?
Naomi: I identify as a Jewish Atheist – briefly explaining the concept.
Children: (Even more surprised) But how will you reach heaven?
Naomi: Providing a brief explanation on the diversity of beliefs.
Children: Okay, but Naomi, do you like Muslims?
Naomi: Absolutely, I do. After all, I’m here with you now, aren’t I?

The conversation ended with heartfelt hugs.

These activities led by FKI stems from the reality that good community relations and mutual trust are vital for the future of the country. Failing to engage in joint activities and initiatives risks exploitation by bad actors, potentially leading to internal chaos. Therefore throughout 2024, we’ve planned a series of Jewish-Arab community tennis-based activities, strategically filling our calendar with opportunities for peacebuilding, particularly during challenging times like these.

We are expanding our Voices of TalkMatters series to include you – our supporters.  

Whenever there are spikes of conflict in Israel and Palestine, the incidents of antisemitism and anti-muslim hatred go up – and – in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attack and the subsequent ongoing devastation in Gaza the figures have multiplied.  We need a space to talk. We aim to provide the right environment for you to connect to other TalkMatters‘ supporters by sharing your hopes and fears.  

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