Tough Options:
Moving Forward

Tough Options: Moving Forward is an exciting, innovative pilot project led by FODIP, in partnership with the Corrymeela Centre based in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. This two-year project, made possible thanks to a £161,580 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, will bring together two groups of 35 young people, one from Greater Manchester (focusing on the Israel/ Palestine conflict) and another in Northern Ireland (focusing on the NI troubles) to examine issues of conflict, conflict resolution and management within their communities.

The participants will pool their individual experiences and will examine their own conflicts through the lens of each other’s conflicts. The young people will engage with communities in both locations, working with faith groups, educational institutions, and partner organisations to pass on the learning and inspire others to move beyond the stereotypes. The aim of this work is to build a network of young leaders who will go onto being a catalyst for conflict resolution and management within their own communities.

The aspiration for the project is best summed up by a Jewish student from Leeds, who participated in a project which brought young people from different backgrounds and perspectives together: “I believe that peace is possible and I hope that it is my generation who can help to make a change towards the future that many are waiting for.”

If you are interested and aged 18-25 years old and based in the UK, then please contact martha@fodip.org.uk with any queries and for an application form.
Further information about Corrymeela and the project can also be found on the Corrymeela website, https://www.corrymeela.org/news/216/forum-for-discussion-of-israel


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