Who We Are

Jenny Nemko, the founder of TalkMatters, first became involved in projects that bring Palestinian and Israeli Jewish people together when looking for “good news” stories in the Middle East for BBC Radio. This was followed by years of supporting such projects. Jenny is the former Chairwoman and current Trustee of Oasis of Peace UK. She is co-Chairwoman of the Pinner & District Faiths Forum.

Jenny is increasingly mindful that many UK Jews, Christians and Muslims to whom the region has special significance know little about the initiatives that TalkMatters promotes. TalkMatters aims to provide information that often goes unheard in the media. Inspiring stories of the various grassroots projects that encourage Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel, as well as Palestinians resident in the Palestinian Territories to meet and talk together.

” From a diaspora Jewish perspective, I am passionate about promoting the opportunity for peace and harmony among Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jewish people in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories. My deep belief in Palestinian freedom and independence sits alongside a secure Jewish homeland in Israel. I reject the notion that there is any contradiction here. I also believe that promoting the equality and integration of the Palestinian Arab minority is one of the most important challenges for Israeli society. In order to achieve success on both these fronts, a two stranded approach is necessary. Policy changes at governmental level plus long-term grassroots projects that build the foundation for future cooperation. TalkMatters is vital not only for the future of Israel and Palestine but also for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations around the world where there is so much ignorance and confusion, surrounding Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim hatred”

Associates, contributors and supporters include UK Jewish communal organisations, churches, mosques, synagogues, youth organisations, UK Friends of Israeli-Palestinian groups and home-grown Palestinian-Israeli organisations  

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