Watch and gain valuable insights into the atmosphere of this unique educational institution and its goals for the future.

So much of what the Primary School has accomplished in the past year is because of the dedicated support of friends around the world and the passionate work of the school’s teachers and administrators. Over the winter holidays, students received, much to their delight, the wonderful surprise of new playground areas.
It was Deputy Principle, Reem Nashif’s personal visits with students early in the first quarantine which helped the school see how many students required laptops and help with accessing internet at home. Then, it was the support of the International Friends Associations which allowed delivery of these necessities so classes could continue through the pandemic.

By working together, we are providing the bilingual, multicultural education that will prepare these young people to lead a more inclusive future. The Primary School’s curriculum – HOTAM – for Education, Culture and Tradition – is now being fully implemented at the school. HOTAM is the gold standard of Arabic-Hebrew bilingual education and will be as widely shared as the pandemic permits.

As we emerge from quarantine, we will be completing construction on the playground, re-opening a second 1st-grade classroom and sustaining the student’s bilingual fluency and inclusive mindset – the result of our ongoing commitment to full staff bilingualism.