The news coming out of Israel may be very grim, but I wanted to share with you something inspiring!

As the summer draws to a close, I look back on our amazing summer camps and wanted to tell you about our team of Madrichim/ Camp Counsellors – a diverse group, comprising Jews and Arabs, with individuals from various backgrounds, including Orthodox, religious, traditional, and secular, aged 16-22 from our neighbouring communities.

What’s truly important is that they have set a remarkable example of how life can be in Israel. They have shown that despite our diverse backgrounds and beliefs, people can not only work together but also become friends, share laughter, offer support, have fun, and forge deep connections. 

The Arab and Jewish children who participate in the camp observe and learn from them. They witness firsthand that it is possible for individuals from different backgrounds to coexist together. These young campers are not just spectators; they are actively taking inspiration from the counselors and coaches. They see that it can be different from what they may have heard or experienced in the past. These summer camps are contributing to peace-building efforts and actively changing the reality on the ground.

By fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect, our camps are breaking down barriers and creating spaces where differences are celebrated rather than feared. 

As we express our appreciation to our exceptional team, we also celebrate their invaluable role in shaping Israel’s future. Through their actions and dedication, they are instilling hope and optimism in the hearts of the children who will one day lead our nation towards a brighter, more peaceful future.

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Wishing for more peaceful times, and good luck with all those going back to school next week!

Thanking you for your support, 

Jane Krivine