About Us

What is TalkMatters about?

Our over-riding goal is to sow the seeds for a fair and equitable society by supporting grassroots projects that enable Israeli and Palestinian of all ages to talk together. To get to know each other on an everyday face-to-face basis so that open and honest conversations can more comfortably take place about issues affecting relations between Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and in the wider context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The UJIA Equalizer Programme is building a better society through education and football

“Through playing the game they love, these children get to know ‘the other’ and see what they have in common.”

Who is the audience?

UK Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities to whom the region has special significance, People of all faiths and none, Inter-Faith Groups.

Organisations in the UK, in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories working to secure an equal and safe future for all through peaceful means.

Does TalkMatters advocate for a particular political solution to the conflict?

There are many opinions as to what has to happen in order to establish better relations and eventual peace in the region but one thing is for sure. Nothing can happen if the two sides do not talk. We firmly believe that Israelis and Palestinians are here to stay, and that both Peoples deserve to live in freedom, dignity and equality in any future arrangement, but we do not advocate for any particular final status agreement. TalkMatters is not affiliated with any political or religious movement.

We believe that we have a critical role to play in this process and that ultimately politicians will follow civil society’s lead. Our job is to enable Jews and Arabs to gain a greater understanding of each other’s narrative and the profound suffering that underlies the very complex Israel-Palestine situation.

How does TalkMatters do that?

We invite the public via on-line seminars to learn about the many initiatives that encourage Jewish and Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel, as well as Palestinians resident in the Palestinian Territories, to meet and talk together.

We provide associates with on-line seminars enabling co-operation and collaboration by sharing information, knowledge, challenges, best practices and by asking for advice and support.

We post the latest news and forthcoming events of our associate organisations.

We operate a Directory of UK and Israeli-Palestinian initiatives and display an Events Calendar to help our associates co-ordinate schedules when planning events.

We host blogs, podcasts, interviews and book reviews and facilitate respectful responses enabling a Platform for Discussion .

Does TalkMatters support projects in the West Bank?

Yes, we support any project that promotes co-operation and collaboration within an equal Palestinian and Israeli relationship