Since October 7th our associate organisations have continued to engage with Arabs and Jews to build relationships.  We would like to show you how they are coping and to that end we are hoping to hold two live events. 

David Simmonds CBE MP is planning to host TalkMatters in a committee room at the House of Commons so that parliamentarians can learn about our work.  We would also like to hold a live event in the summer bringing over two Israeli citizens – one Jewish and one Arab – so you can hear how their shared interest in music, ecology, hi-tech, sport, education, or religion, etc. has brought them together: to meet, talk and build up trust whilst living with fear and hatred all around.  

TalkMatters remains one of the few spaces for people who resist the pressure to take sides.  For people who recognise the humanity of moderate individuals living in this troubled land.  For people who want to learn from both narratives. Supporting TalkMatters cuts out the divisive tone of the current debate and presents a nuanced message of eventual peace, equality and security for all.   

If you think TalkMatters is important, please share this bulletin by forwarding it to friends and colleagues.  Please also encourage your family and friends to join the TalkMatters mailing list.

With all good wishes, Jenny and the TalkMatters Team.