What We Do

Encourage a respectful conversation between Jewish, Christian, Muslim and any constituent communities to whom the region has special significance.

TalkMatters encourages a greater understanding of the very complex Israel-Palestine situation by providing a safe space to learn and Discuss The Issues faced by the inhabitants of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

ARCHITECTS MEETING (photo by permission of Wahat al Salam- Neve Shalom)

Heighten awareness of what is happening at a grassroots level

TalkMatters raises awareness of the exciting Projects that bring people together. Projects range from schools through to sports, business, theatre and interfaith initiatives.

Connect organisations working for peace in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories

TalkMatters hosts online discussion sessions for staff and members of the associate organisations. There is a Calendar of Events and a Directory that enables co-operation and collaboration.

Promote new initiatives, activities and events

Interfaith Encounter Association

TalkMatters features the personal stories of people who are making it happen as well as blogs, Interviews, podcasts, Book Reviews and Letters.

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