Meeting in Jerusalem Amidst Violence

 We had planned an Alumni Advanced Dialogue Weekend in Jerusalem, on the importance of the city, but in the days leading up to the weekend, violence exploded in Jerusalem and the West Bank. 
Such violence normally causes Israelis and Palestinians to retreat to their national sides, to build and rebuild walls and fall into anger and despair. Not in our community. 

We lean in.

We are resilient.
We meet during the most difficult times so that we can maintain the connections and understanding that allow us to #InnovateTogether towards a #NewReality.

Conflicts and crises cannot break our bonds.         When asked if they would participate despite the violence, 
participants said they were 
even more motivated to join the weekend

35 alumni gathered in Jerusalem this past weekend for an Advanced Dialogue Weekend, about the importance of Jerusalem for Palestinians and Israelis, planned and facilitated by alumni with staff support, focusing on personal narratives and connections rather than national ideologies. According to participants, this allowed them to understand different perspectives about Jerusalem for the first time.
  “I learned about the religious beliefs of Muslims, Jews and Christians in relation to Jerusalem, which I found not only interesting but also extremely relevant. It felt like an introduction to deepening my understanding of the conflict faced here.”
The weekend was not only full of interesting content and difficult discussions, but positive connections between community members that enable our community to continue thriving and working together towards a better future.

The weekend was funded by USAID as part of our joint project “A New Reality: Innovating Together.”         *Stay tuned for our 2022 Annual Report on Monday, December 12.