Despite the relentlessness of the war in Gaza and in Israel, our goal is clear.  We continue to support the many initiatives that bring Israelis and Palestinians together.  These people are our role-models.  The people who understand that it is possible to hold several perspectives in your mind at the same time.  The people who refuse to accept that the moderate Palestinians and Israelis are their enemy.  We believe that building up trust between human beings is the only way to combat the growing fear and hatred.

Today we bring you the second in our series of one minute video clips – Voices of Hope and Fear.   Nurit Gery is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Younited – the Givat Haviva International School.  Younited is developing a network of Jewish, Arab and international leaders who work together toward an inclusive and democratic society.  In the video clip below you will hear that despite the Israel-Hamas war, students are still able to be civil with one another and to discuss how to coexist.

Nurit Gery – Managing Director and Co-Founder of Younited

Nurit is a social entrepreneur who decided to move from a successful career in the commercial world to the nonprofit sector. The catalyst was a three-week volunteering stint with her husband and teenage children at an orphanage in Zimbabwe. This life-changing experience showed her that she needed to use the skills acquired through her extensive commercial and marketing experience to invest in a social project with the potential for real, long-term impact within Israel and beyond.  

About Younited

Younited, previously known as Givat Haviva International School, is one of the TalkMatters initiatives and is featured in our Directory.  If you would like to donate in support of their work, you can donate to them from the UK by using the New Israel Fund’s donation page.

Younited was envisaged in 2017 and, under Nurit’s leadership and vision, only a year later it opened with a full cohort of local and international students and staff, ready to compete in quality with international schools worldwide. Partnerships with relevant government agencies, the International Baccalaureate Organization and a handful of donors who understood the value of  this ‘start-up’, ensured that the foundations for quality and sustainability were in place. Since then, Nurit’s outreach skills and her ability to engage and include people has attracted a network of international partners, friends, volunteers and supporters from around the world. 

Students for September 2024
Younited are currently recruiting students for September. Please take a look at their website and contact Nurit for more information.

About the Voices of TalkMatters – Hopes & Fears series
We are expanding our Voices of TalkMatters series to include you – our supporters.  Whenever there are spikes of conflict in Israel and Palestine, the incidents of antisemitism and anti-muslim hatred go up – and – in the aftermath of the Hamas terror attack and the subsequent ongoing devastation in Gaza the figures have multiplied.  We need a space to talk. We aim to provide the right environment for you to connect to other TalkMatters‘ supporters by sharing your hopes and fears.  

Help the TalkMatters community as we embark on this journey of hope and resilience – see the orange box below for some guidelines to make the perfect 1 minute video clip on your phone.

With hope,

Jenny and the TalkMatters team

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