Dear Friends and Supporters,
While a tragic conflict rages in Europe and history repeats itself in different parts of the world, cycle of violence after cycle of violence, year after year, century after century, it is clear that human beings will remain the same. They are as capable of the best as the worst: inventors of the universal and fundamental human rights yet also the ones who tread on them.
At B8 of Hope, we strive for goodness through good thoughts, words and deeds. This is what makes us human in the fullest sense of the word. It is this effort to do Good, promote humanity and attempt to understand the other, that we, the founders of B8 of Hope, admire in others and this is what we try to instill in our audiences and circles, while steadfastly focusing ourselves on this goal.
We stand in solidarity with all refugees and victims of wars – with a special thought for those from Ukraine at the moment. In our modest way, we will not give up on humanity and continue to believe in the Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers. We continue to work for our region of interest to promote a respectful coexistence based on equality, dignity and security for all those who live between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.
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B8fully yours,
The B8 of Hope team
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