Teachers’ Lounge

The Teachers’ Lounge programme – in memory of Shira Banki – holds in-depth encounters between teachers and educators from different communities of Israeli society living in the same geographical space. The teachers are neighbours, but it is likely they have never met for an in-depth conversation, and still, they are curious and have the need to explore, to discover, and  to get to know the “other”.

Teachers’ Lounge creates an inclusive, respectful and multicultural meeting space for groups of Jewish and Arab teachers operating in Jerusalem, Ramla, Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Western Galilee. The programme brings together teachers for ten experiential, thought-provoking and inspiring meetings. Thus leading to in-depth interactions between the participants, a result of honest conversations based in mutual respect. As part of the programme, the teachers visit each other’s schools and homes, and tour their respective neighbourhoods, streets and markets.

In the Teachers’ Lounge programme, teachers learn how their local identity stems from their personal identity, home, family, history and customs. In the Teachers’ Lounge, there is the opportunity to look at the place where Israeli Jews and Israeli Palestinians live together through a new prism and imagine how to bring it into the classroom. The Teachers’ Lounge envision how to educate a connected, committed, sensitive and hopeful future generation.

In September 2022, Meir, Orla and Hanin from The Teachers’ Lounge joined TalkMatters for a webinar – watch it on demand!

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