The Teachers’ Lounge is an annual enrichment programme for Jerusalem’s teachers and educators. The programme aims to improve the climate of Jerusalem’s multicultural life by nurturing tolerance and mobilising against racism and prejudice.

Recognised by the Ministry of Education, the vision behind “The Teachers’ Lounge – in memory of Shira Banki – is a Jerusalem that wears its diversity proudly and that heeds the call for mutual recognition and for dialogue among its communities of residents.

About our speakers

Meir Berman
Development and Partnerships

Since 2017, Meir’s role in the management team includes directing the resource and partnerships aspects of the programme. Meir has led many high-tech companies including sales and business development for over 20 years. Meir holds a B.A. degree in Communication & Management from the College of Management, and a MBA from Bradford University.

Hanin Housain
Partner and Facilitator

Hanin is co-leader of the pedagogic development of the programme. She is a bi-narrative history teacher and educator at the Bilingual School in Jerusalem. Together with her team, she created a high school history programme that unites Jewish and Arab history. Hanin holds a B.A. in History & Middle Eastern Studies, and Spanish literature from the Hebrew University.

Orna Ben Naeh

Orna teaches Literature and Bible Studies at Keshet, a school that brings together students from religious, traditional and secular ways of life. Orna joined the school’s management team as the pedagogical coordinator and then as Principal of the Keshet middle school. Orna also trains literature teachers at the Kerem Institute for Pedagogical Training in Jerusalem. Orna holds a B.A. in English Literature from the Hebrew University and an M.A. in Hebrew Literature from Ben Gurion University.

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