Voice of Salam

Voice of Salam was founded in 2015 by London-based activist Elizabeth Arif-Fear.

Voice of Salam challenges bigotry and advocates for reconciliation, peace and also humanism within religion. One of its key areas of work is Jewish-Muslim relations in the UK and Israeli-Palestinian relations in the Middle East.

The conflict in Israel-Palestine is an ongoing tragedy that continues to cost lives and tear families apart, leaving communities in desperate need of a peaceful solution.

Not only is it impacting on the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, but sadly also Jewish and Muslim communities outside the region.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is much more complicated than often portrayed and/or understood. With so much misinformation, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred globally, the conflict is often weaponised and used to push people apart.

However, within the conflict itself, there is also hope. There are incredible stories of people coming together across divides, stories of co-existence, hope, community and of working together. Voice of Salam believes that these stories need to be heard.

The organisation also believes in actively challenging antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate in all their forms, showing examples of and encouraging Jewish-Muslim engagement. With this comes the importance of sharing such stories and bringing more nuanced perspectives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the public sphere.

As part of their work in Jewish-Muslim relations, their website includes specialised language sections of the website in Arabic and Hebrew [forthcoming] to be able to reach as many people as possible.


Voice of Salam

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