School for Peace (SfP)

The SfP was created in 1979 as an ideological educational institution of Wahat al Salam.~Neve Shalom a unique intentional community of Jewish and Palestinian-Arab Israeli citizens, located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Through encounter workshops and training programs, the SfP tries to implement the principles on which the community was founded. Our goal is to develop participants’ awareness of the conflict and their role in it, and enable them to probe and construct their identity through interaction with the other; our orientation is shaped by the quest for a truly humane, egalitarian and just society. The professional staff comprise a roughly equal number of Jewish and Arab facilitators, with academic backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences, and special training in facilitating groups in conflict. Every encounter program is run by Arab and Jewish facilitators on an egalitarian basis, and strives to address the needs of each national group, acknowledging natural limitations in the ability of each to understand the other. Since the SfP first opened its doors, some 70,000 Jews and Arabs have attended its programs. wasns.org/-the-school-for-peace

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