School for Peace (SfP)

The School for Peace is a unique educational institute that holds encounters between Israeli-Jews and Palestinians in order to promote a just and egalitarian society. Among our main programs are the change-agents courses, training program for facilitators of groups-in-conflict and dialogue courses in academic campuses. Our audience is mainly adults and we invest in supporting our programs’ graduates in their activity to promote change.

In our change-agents programs we train Israeli-Jews and Palestinians from the same field of interest to promote change in their discipline. We run those programs in various fields, such as: social work, leadership in mixed cities, lawyers, city planners and architects, environmental activists, health workers, and more.

Our goal is to develop participants’ awareness of the imbalanced power relations between the two national groups, and to explore their role in that. It also enables them to probe and construct their identity through interaction with “the other”. Our orientation is shaped by the quest for a truly humane, egalitarian and just society.

The professional staff is comprised of Jewish and Palestinian facilitators, with academic backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences, and special training in facilitating groups in conflict.

Every program is run by two facilitators: one Palestinian and one Jewish on an egalitarian basis, we speak both Arabic and Hebrew in our activities and strive to address the needs of each national group.

Tens of thousands of graduates have attended SFP’s different programs since it was established, and hundreds of active graduates from different disciplines, ages and geographical locations promote change all over the country from different directions.

The SfP was created in 1979 as an ideological educational institution of Wahat al Salam.~Neve Shalom (“Oasis of Peace”), which is a unique community of Jews and Palestinians, all Israeli citizens, who chose to live together and practice equality and democracy. It is located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. https://sfpeace.org/

Academic dialogue at a School for Peace session

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