As we continue to celebrate TalkMatters’ first birthday and our productive year, we are excited to bring you our sixth clip from our series of weekly short videos, highlighting some of the inspiring people who have joined us in our webinars so far.  

This week we meet Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger, Director of International Relations and Noor Awad, an active supporter of Roots. Roots is a particularly interesting initiative because it demonstrates co-operation between Israeli settlers and Palestinians. 

Roots is a Palestinian-Israeli initiative in the Gush Etzion-Bethlehem-Hebron area that enables Israelis and Palestinians to meet each other – often for the first time.

Roots is working towards a new social and political reality based on dignity, trust and mutual recognition and respect for both peoples’ historic belonging to the entire land. The Roots website has more information about their work.

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If you’d like to hear more from Roots the complete webinar we held with them is available in our archive.