On March 14th 2021, Muswell Hill United Synagogue invited TalkMatters and Roots to talk about their work. First Jenny Nemko, the Founder of TalkMatters explained how she started up and what she hopes to achieve. Then Noor Awad and Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger from the Roots project shared their personal stories. Roots is a particularly interesting initiative because it demonstrates co-operation between Israeli settlers and Palestinians.  Based in the Gush Etzion-Bethlehem-Hebron area, Roots works to advance the two peoples towards a new social and political reality founded upon dignity, trust, and mutual recognition and respect for both peoples’ particular historic belonging to the entire land. www.friendsofroots.net

If you were not able to attend, we highly recommend you watch the recording. Also available on YouTube. 

Here is some of the feed-back we received:

What a fabulous evening!   It was so refreshing to hear from both Rabbi Hanan and Noor, they are really planting the seeds for something bigger in the search for peace. As you are with ‘Talk Matters’.

Meeting very much steps in the right direction. Rabbi Hanan & Noor Awad brought clarity to a so complex subject.  We can only hope that a solution through the generations is assured via their endeavours and those of like-minded souls.  Many thanks for intro to Talk Matters which I hope to follow.

Thanks so much for last night’s session: it was excellent indeed. Both speakers spoke personally and powerfully: it was the personal element in particular which enabled us to understand both sides.  

Just wanted to thank you for the last Webinar you organised – extremely interesting. It certainly gives one an insight into how we view each other (with prejudice).