TalkMatters is delighted to introduce you to the Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine. One of the thirty grass root organisations where Palestinian and Israeli Jewish people meet and talk together.  TalkMatters is vital for the future of Israel and Palestine but also for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations here in the UK where there is so much ignorance and confusion surrounding the realities of Israeli Jewish and Palestinian life. 

Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine invites you to:

Practical Challenges: A View from Bethlehem

Tuesday 28th July, 3.30pm—4.45pm, UK, Via Zoom

Elias D’eis, Executive Director of Holy Land Trust will speak about the work and approach the Holy Land Trust transforming lives through peaceful means, and will share something of his experience as a Christian in Bethlehem in these challenging times.

To register or for more information, email admin@fodip.org.uk