“We don’t have to agree on everything, but I believe listening to each other is a survival tool, essential for us to live together.”

The Dialogue Project alumni from Israel and Jordan reflected on the power of storytelling and their time at the Arava Institute as they spoke to communities all across North America this fall. 

The Dialogue Project is an initiative of the Friends of the Arava Institute that brings Middle Eastern Arava Institute alumni to colleges and communities across North America to share their narratives and their experiences at the Institute.

In the fall of 2020, the speakers are recent alumni Shadi al-Zanoon, Guy Yakir, Reema Diab, and Moshe Farber, as well as Friends of the Arava Institute staff member and fellow alumna, Frances Gould. Due to global travel restrictions, they have connected directly from their respective homes and university dorms in the Middle East to a series of virtual panels and more in-depth workshops with North American colleges, Hillels, environmental student organizations, and congregations.

You can watch recordings of virtual Dialogue Project event and learn more at https://arava.org/2020/11/the-dialogue-project-fall-2020-reflections/