“A Prayer of Love” With Siham Halabi, Umm Bra’a Najah Kabaha, Rabbi Doron Danino, Father Suhil Fachori, and Rev. David Grishaw Jones   Hosted by David Less & Sheikh Ghassan Manasra March 25th, 12pm EDT, 5pm London, 7pm Israel Time     In response to this particularly difficult time, the Abrahamic Reunion will be drawing together—virtually—those women and men of the Holy Land who have dedicated their lives to creating peace and understanding.   Even when group prayer is virtual, people who pray together have a powerful effect. This is true not only for Israel and Palestine, but throughout the world. Communal prayer and meditation, with a focus on the common good, can create the shift in consciousness that we all seek.   At each Online Unity Prayer for the Holy Land, religious leaders and holy peacemakers in Israel and Palestine will join together on zoom and lead 45 minutes of prayer.   2021 Unity Prayer Schedule:   March 25th – Love May 27th – Protection July 29th – Light September 30th – Giving November 18th – Forgiveness December 31st – New Beginning   David Less, AR Board Chairman, and Sheikh Ghassan Manasra, AR International Director, will virtually host on-site Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Druze prayer leaders as well as one spiritual musician in the Holy Land.   Please join us. The addition of your prayer energy will help build the change we all seek.   Peace, Salaam, Shalom   Featured Prayer Leaders   Siham Halabi is a Druze leader and the Director of the Women’s Program and Adult Education at the Daliat Al Carmel Community Center providing courses in women’s economic empowerment, home management, drivers education, Hebrew and Arabic languages, social activism, and interfaith understanding. She is a Coordinator of the TRUST WIN, a member of the  Women’s Parliament and various orgaizations for dialogue and understanding between the cultures, and for the advancement of women and social issues affecting women.  She is a Druze spokeswoman representing Druze women in national forums.   Rabbi Dr. Doron Danino, 50, is married to Hila and has four children. Born in Jaffa, now a resident of the Galilee, he is a researcher of Sephardic identity and North African Jewry. Rabbi Danino is a member of Rabbinical Council of Tzohar, a Member of the Committee, on behalf of Oxford Research, to examine the state of equality in Israeli society and is currently Senior Advisor for Herbert C Kelman Ins groups in the CAF.   Father Suhil Fachoris is a Roman Catholic Priest in Bethlehem, Palestine.   Umm Bra’a Najah Kabaha is a leader in the Muslim community in Israel, working for interfaith connection for many years through the Qadri Sufi Peace Order. She teaches young children.   Rev. David Grishaw-Jones is the Pastor of the Community Church of Durham, New Hampshire, a congregation of the United Church of Christ.  He serves on the Steering Committee of the UCC’s Palestine Israel Network and on the New Hampshire Conference’s Peace With Justice Advocate Team.  Dave and his wife Kate have three daughters.   Sheikh Ghassan Manasra, Abrahamic Reunion International Director, was one of the Abrahamic Reunion’s Co-Coordinators in the Holy Land until moving to the US in 2015, and he has been an active contributing Peacemaker with the AR for more than a decade. He is an ordained Sheikh in the Qadiri Sufi Order in the Holy Land, and son of Sheikh Abdel Salaam Manasra – head of the Qadiri Sufi Order in the Holy Land. He is the founder of Anwar-Il-Salaam, the Lights of Peace Center in Nazareth, and is Director, Islamic Cultural Center in Nazareth. Ghassan is an expert and lectures in Islam, Islamic history, Sufism, and contemporary Muslim issues in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. Ghassan@abrahamicreunion.org   David Less, Abrahamic Reunion US Board Chair, is a global teacher of meditation and interfaith dialog of over forty years. For over a decade he was the Global Dean of the Universal Worship, an organization in over thirty countries,that honors the commonality in all religions and appreciates and respects the differences. He started promoting understanding rather than blame as a path to peace in the Holy Land in 2000 and was one of the founders of the Abrahamic Reunion shortly thereafter. To contact, reach out to info@abrahamicreunion.org   The Abrahamic Reunion is supported by people who believe in people-to-people peacebuilding programs for long-term changemaking in in the Holy Land. Thanks to all our supporters! If you would like to support our work, please click here.   Twitter