Hear all about Tech2Peace’s unique initiative that brings young Palestinians and Israelis – from the right and the left of the political spectrum, both religious and secular – to study the latest technological trends and to engage in serious dialogue. 

Uri, and Adnan introduces us to Tech2Peace and their 12-day residential seminars.    Maysan walks us round the campus to show us where the seminar is taking place simultaneously with our zoom call.  Jake interviews three participants from the live seminar about their feelings at working and talking with someone from the ‘other side’.  

About our speakers

  • Uri Rosenberg lives in Israel and the UK.  He is a co-founder of Tech2Peace and one of the leading dialogue trainers in the Tech2Peace seminars. He has just completed his PhD. dissertation in Middle East studies, focusing on Modern Turkish political history.
  • Maysan Darawshe is an alumna of Tech2Peace and joined us in her new position as a facilitator and walked us around the campus of this week’s seminar.
  • Adnan Jaber lives in East Jerusalem He is a Tech2Peace alumni and volunteer since his first seminar in 2018. Adnan is the only alumni on the Board.   He’s a social entrepreneur, and founder of Yalla Reyada – an Arabic-language fitness app.
  • Jake Shapiro is originally from Washington DC and has been living in Israel for two years.  Jake works in resource development and dialogue facilitation for Tech2Peace.