TalkMatters is vital not only for the future of Israel and Palestine but also for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations here in the UK where we have seen such ugly scenes in the last week.  Scenes that are the result of so much ignorance and confusion surrounding Palestine, Israel, Zionism and Antisemitism.  That is why we were so pleased host FODIP (Forum for Discussion on Israel and Palestine) to find out how their work helps to decrease the levels of hate crimes against Jewish and Muslim people. 

Our speakers were Dr Jane Clements MBE, Sadia Akram and Rabbi Warren Elf MBE.

FODIP’s objective has always been a tricky one – but promoting positive dialogue between faith communities in the UK on the subject of Israel/Palestine is particularly challenging at the moment. 

Managed by Jews, Christians and Muslims from a variety of perspectives, all dedicated to hearing the other, learning, understanding and finding ways to move forward.  FODIP takes no position on the situation in Israel/Palestine itself, other than a concern for the rights, fears and hopes of all people in the region. FODIP delivers a variety of innovative programmes including a study tour to the region – you can read more on their own website.