TalkMatters celebrates its Second Birthday with a four-minute video clip of its achievements

TalkMatters was launched two years ago to bring Arabs and Jews together through a common interest that leads to talking, listening and trusting.

Jenny Nemko, founder of TalkMatters says:

We launched TalkMatters to help to combat the confusion and ignorance surrounding Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim Hatred.”

“We aim to raise the profile all over the world of the people in Israel-Palestine who are building bridges despite the complexity of the situation”

She continues:

“I am delighted to see the mailing list expanding and to report that we have grown to represent over 30 co-operative grass roots Israeli-Palestinian initiatives that focus on many diverse topics such as music, technology, religion, sport, education and ecology”.

Over the past two years webinars have been regularly held with the Israeli-Palestinian initiatives that TalkMatters represents. For the organisers of the initiatives, the webinars are a resource for information and ideas.   For the audience, the webinars are a way to meet  – often for the first time –  a Palestinian or an Israeli and with this meeting a growing awareness that building trust is at the root of peace-making. 

The next webinar on Wednesday 7th September is with the Teachers’ Lounge.    A professional development programme that brings Muslim, Christian and Jewish teachers from all over Jerusalem to engage in the process of knowing “the other”.  The Teachers’ Lounge encourages the formation of a multicultural society with West and East Jerusalemites living together with mutual understanding in a shared society.


TalkMatters is an established online global community hosting regular free webinars, managing a lively website www.talkmatters.info  and Facebook and Twitter.

TalkMatters Founder is Jenny Nemko. She also serves as co-Chair for the Pinner & District Faiths Forum and as a Trustee of the British Friends of Wahat al-Salam~Neve Shalom.

Jenny first became involved in projects that bring Palestinian and Israeli Jewish people together when looking for “good news” stories in the Middle East for BBC Radio.  Jenny holds a BA and MA from University College London in Biblical Hebrew and Islamic and Jewish mysticism.  She is the author of ‘Who Am I?  Who Are You?’  a book that explores cultural diversity in terms of assumptions, beliefs and prejudices and co-author of ‘Supersubs Religion’ – multi-faith assembly material for schools.

TalkMatters Directory www.talkmatters.info/directory