“Rage, Revenge & Repair” – the new video from Solutions Not Sides

Solution Not Sides (SNS) offers non-partisan educational sessions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for young people in the UK.   The programme provides humanising encounters and focuses on possible solutions based on understanding both sides’ narratives. The aim is to shift attitudes away from supporting one side against the other, and towards seeking a solution for the human beings involved.

2021 has been SNS’s busiest year yet reaching almost 9,000 students.  For some sessions, they had Palestinian and Israeli speakers who are currently living in the UK. However, the majority were with speakers in the region using a video link. Their new Personal Stories videos give a first-hand visual insight into the speakers’ homes, neighbourhoods and lives.

The latest in the series is titled ‘Rage, Revenge and Repair‘ and was made in partnership with the Parents Circle Families Forum. In it, Aramin and Yigdal talk of their life journeys – and their ability to break down emotional barriers of hostility, anger and fear.

As we move into 2022 and continue to expand our community, TalkMatters looks forward to bringing many more initiatives to its global audience. We believe that the people we meet and learn to understand ensure that “When I am your friend, I can no longer be your enemy”.