My dear friends

Last weekend we began the holy month of Ramadan. Next weekend sees the start of Passover and Easter. These three holidays, which unusually coincide this spring, revolve around people coming together to celebrate – something that has been denied us for two long years. This year, we are as partners in honouring and appreciating our traditions and heritage at the same time, connected despite our differences. 

In the past, we would spend weeks anticipating and preparing for the holidays. This year, with the easing of the impact of the pandemic, we had thought that this would be the case. But, we have heavy hearts as we witness the darkness of the war in Ukraine and the tensions, once again, in Israel. But, as the optimist that I am, I try to stay focused on the positive. On the large scale: the Negev Summit, where former adversaries came together as partners. On the small scale: our Russian and Ukrainian members at the Centre continue to participate together in our programmes and show concern for each other’s families back home. 

So, I choose to write to you with a lighter heart as I listen to the happy voices of children all around me. The diversity of this amazing country is reflected in our participants: Jews and Arabs, Ukrainians and Russians, Christians, Jews, and Muslims. All are welcome and welcoming. Sometimes I hear heated political discussions, but they are always respectful and attempting to understand each other’s points-of-view. This is the hope that the Centre brings.  

Without your support, my dear friends, I wouldn’t be hearing these positive voices amidst the darkness.  To continue to support our work, click here.


Mohammad Fahili

Director – Sir Charles Clore Jewish-Arab Community Center

Children at the nursery

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