The Sipur – Hikaya (Hebrew and Arabic for ‘story’) Association which seeks to promote Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation, is pleased to invite you to a Zoom meeting with Dr. Samieh el Abed, Mr. Ashraf el Ajrami and Dr. Ziad Darwish, all from the Palestinian Authority Interaction Committee.

Dr Zaid Darwish

The meeting will take place on Sunday, February 21, at 8:00 pm Israel time , 6:00 pm UK, 1:00 pm EST, 10:00 am PST.

Dr. Samieh el Abed is a former minister of planning and a member of the Palestinian negotiation delegation with Israel. Mr. Ashraf el Ajrami is a former minister of prisoners.  Dr. Darwish is a journalist with a PhD in communications who has managed UN radio stations.

All three are senior members of the Committee for Interaction – Liaison with Israeli Society, a committee established about eight years ago by Abu Mazen with the goal of directly bringing to the Israeli public the positions of the Palestinian Authority, at eye level and without the mediation of politicians or journalists.

The three will present the Palestinian narrative in English, from the beginning of Zionism to the present day, including proposals for resolving the conflict. They will answer questions at the end of the presentation.

We hope you will join us for this fascinating evening!

To register – https://forms.gle/dm5CkEVotmTjXGTg7

Established in 2017, the Sipur-Hikaya (Hebrew and Arabic for ‘Story’)  initiative teaches the two sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on the recently published book ‘Side by Side – Parallel Histories of Israel-Palestine’’. The dual narrative approach is to be studied in pre-military preparatory courses, schools and universities.  The goal begins with the understanding that to begin the process of reconciliation it is necessary to recognise the other and a condition for recognising the other is to know the other. https://www.sipur-hikaya.org/