TalkMatters believes that direct communication between Israelis and Palestinians is essential for a better future in the region. Join Jenny Nemko,  to see, via short video clips, the grass-roots projects that TalkMatters promotes and to hear untold stories of unity between Arabs and Israelis even in the most difficult of times.  For example, did you know that last year the Dan Hotel in Jerusalem was home to hundreds of West Bank Arabs isolating or being treated for Covid 19. even while Jewish guests held their Pesach Seders !  

Jenny Nemko’s career spans theatre,  broadcasting, lecturing and writing. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Biblical Hebrew and Islamic and Jewish Mysticism. She is involved in Inter-faith relations through the Council of Christians and Jews, Pinner Faiths Dialogue and Nisa-Nashim, the Muslim-Jewish Women’s Project.

Chaired by Aviva Wilford. With Q&A.