The Abraham Initiatives are thrilled to say that their model of Shared Learning between Jewish and Arab students has been officially recognized by the Israeli government. It is a real moment of hope for building positive Jewish-Arab relations through education.

As you know, most Israeli children learn in separate school systems, without the opportunity to build meaningful relationships

To combat this, The Abraham Initiatives developed the Shared Learning Initiative, which pairs classes from Jewish and Arab schools to learn English together in joint classes throughout the school year (check out this video to learn more). Over the past three years we have piloted the program in over 50 schools across Israel and this year the program has been adopted for all middle schools in the city of Acre, and the Gilboa Regional Council.

Yesterday, the Knesset Education Committee held a full hearing on Shared Learning, in which the Ministry of Education formally recognized the model and pledged to begin scaling it through modest, but meaningful, funding.

Check out the video below of Yael Maayan, our Director of Education, testifying at the Committee hearing:  

Knesset Education Committee, 28th December 2021