Dear Friends and Supporters

We wish our Jewish and Christian friends Chag Sameach and a joyous and peaceful
Christmas season.
Thank you for your continued support through 2022.
Co-Chair Dr Jane Clements (MBE)

The Peacebuilders Programme
The Peacebuilders programme for Christian clergy and laity has now concluded its webinar programme, which included a wonderful range of sessions from academics, rabbis and Palestinian Christians among others. One of the highlights was a presentation from Dr Clare Amos on the place of the World Council of Churches in approaches to on Israel/Palestine. Further sessions will take place in the New Year during a 3 day residential at Ripon College, near Oxford.  We are delighted that members of the group will also be travelling together to Jerusalem in February for a 5 day seminar there, as it will provide a vital opportunity to experience first-hand something of what has been heard and read about so far.

Tough Options Moving Forward
The past four months have seen exciting developments for our Tough Options Moving Forward project. In early September, participants returned from the first fantastic residential visit to the Corrymeela centre in Ballycastle, NI. During the four-day visit, we were warmly welcomed at Corrymeela and took part in several engaging and eye-opening workshops about the legacy of the Troubles on identity and faith in present day Northern Ireland.

Some of our Tough Options participants with Derick Wilson, one of the foundational
members of the Corrymeela community.
  Since our return, participants have met on zoom for a series of workshops. One of these interactive workshops focused on adding to participants’ dialogue toolkit and beginning to discuss difficult issues in relation to Israel and Palestine. We are looking forward to the English cohort meeting in Manchester and the Northern Irish cohort in Belfast in mid- December to look at different understandings of the history of Israel and Palestine.

Climate Change
Sadia Akram, Programme Director was invited to attend an engaging, and productive conversation around climate change and the role of faith leaders for climate action;
“Utilising Faith for Our Planet: Equipping Faith Leaders for Climate Action.”
Held at the office of the Lord Mayor Westminster City Council. The event welcomed faith leaders from UK as well as North Europe. The workshop aimed to equip faith leaders for climate action and to develop partnerships with governmental, political and civil society actors. The climate crisis is a global wide emergency. The Holy Land, is not exempt from the intensifying effects of climate change. If anything, this is an additional plight, which Palestinians and Israelis must deal with and perhaps in many ways adds to the current problems and divisions.

Two Truths in One Land: The Road to Reconciliation
FODIP staff together with a number of young people, from the Tough Options Moving Forward (TOMF) group, attended an event in Manchester, where Palestinian Noor Awad and Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger were speaking as part of their tour in the UK. FODIP hosted both Noor and Rabbi Hanan online, during the lockdown in 2020, to see and hear from them in person, was an invaluable experience. Both, shared their personal stories, and the journey they took towards Roots. Roots, is a grassroots movement of understanding, nonviolence, and reconciliation among Palestinians and Israelis. Their vision holds a social and political reality founded on equity, dignity, trust, and mutual recognition.

Memorable quotes from the session, which were recorded by one of the TOMF participants:

“If you mistake half of the truth for the whole truth it’s very close to falsehood. And I don’t want to live in falsehood any longer”.

“You can’t be afraid of us, we are afraid of you” (carrying a gun)

“Israeli Occupation – what’s he talking about”

“Both sides build their identities on the erasure of the other’s identity”

“You can never tell people who they are. You have to listen to them to tell you who they

“We prepare the hearts for a land where all are free from river to sea”

“Two truths in one heart. Two people in one land”

FODIP is an interfaith dialogue organisation aimed at hearing UK voices on this difficult
subject, and from time to time we bring in organisations and individuals from the region
to provide the different perspectives and narratives which exist. We do not promote any
solution, idea or position, other than the rights for people’s dignity, safety and human

Breaking Boundaries Creating Conversations
FODIP Ambassadors, have been meeting to discuss the delivery of their new interfaith project. This, will bring together Muslims, Christians and Jews, and people of other faiths and none, through a social setting in Manchester. The planned workshops will consider anddiscuss issues of identity, climate change, relationships and will ‘break bread’ together. In order to better understand one another, as people of faith; the project will commence with visits to a local mosque, church and synagogue. If you would like more information please email Sadia

Study Tour 2023 – 13th March – 20th March

We are delighted to invite you to participate in our 7 day ‘Questions Without Borders’ tour to Palestine and Israel. The week-long tour will enable you to visit the different places of worship, meet and speak to people from different backgrounds and perspectives and to hear from groups who are working together for peace in the region. We travel with 3 facilitators from the UK, and have a guide in residence.

We expect the cost to be in the region of £2000, which will include flights, hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner, guides, entrance fees, transfers and travel within the region. The costs also include remuneration to groups we plan to visit. We have tried considerably hard to keep the costs to a minimum without compromising the content and experience of the tour.
In order for the Study Tour to go ahead, and remain cost effective, a minimum of 12 participants will need to join. Please contact Sadia Akram to express interest by 30th December 2022. If you require more information or would like to discuss, please email Sadia on admin@fodip.org.uk, and she will be happy to answer any questions.

Women’s Sports Programme
The women continue to meet weekly on a Sunday evening. The group is growing with more women joining. The weekly activity encourages women, from traditional backgrounds to come together, and participate in a physical exercise and sport. An all women, safe and secure environment, planting opportunities for cooperation between and within faith traditions. Sessions take place at a venue in North Manchester.
If you would like to join the group, please email admin@fodip.org.uk

We at FODIP thank you for your continued support.
FODIP relies on grants from charitable trusts and donations from supporters. To donate, please visit our website: www.fodip.org.uk     Thank you for your continuing support
From the FODIP Team