Hear how the courageous women and men of the Abrahamic Reunion have dedicated their lives to bringing together Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Druze prayer leaders from Israel and Palestine.  

In this webinar from 3 November 2021, our speakers were:

  • Sheikh Ghassan Manasra, Abrahamic Reunion International Director,
  • David Less, Abrahamic Reunion US Board Chair
  • Anat Lev Or, Project Organiser

About the Abrahamic Reunion

For over eighteen years, the Abrahamic Reunion have taken part in interfaith dialogue, group processes and large-scale events to bring together diverse faith communities as well as secular groups to replace fear and trauma with understanding and trust.  Faith leaders and their congregants are trained to support school staff, student leaders, youth programme organisers, as well as leaders of family and women’s groups in their quest for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

About our speakers

Sheikh Ghassan Manasra  is a lecturer in Islam, Islamic history, Sufism, and contemporary Muslim issues  in the Middle East, Europe, and the USA.
Ghassan has been active as a Peacemaker with the Abrahamic Reunion for more than a decade. He is an ordained Sheikh in the Qadiri Sufi Order. Ghassan is the Founder of Anwar-Il-Salaam, the Lights of Peace Centre in Nazareth, and  the Director of the Islamic Cultural Center in Nazareth.

David Less has taught meditation, conflict resolution and inter-faith dialogue all over the world for more than forty years. David is the Global Dean of the Universal Worship, an organization in thirty countries that recognises the commonality in all religions and appreciates and respects the differences. David started promoting understanding rather than blame as a path to peace in the Holy Land in 2000 and became one of the Founders of the Abrahamic Reunion shortly afterwards.

Anat Lev Or has partnered Ghassan Manasra for 25 years, building projects shared by all religions, establishing study groups such as a programme for teachers and school executives from all religions, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.  She organises family encounters so that different religious groups can recognise one another and that their children will meet and recognise a different culture.