The Abrahamic Reunion‘s annual report has just been published. Below is an extract – the Letter from the Chairman.

The whole report itself is available to download as a 12-page PDF.

Dear Friends of the Abrahamic Reunion,

Last year —2020— was quite a remarkable year for us, as it was for most people on this planet. Because of the pandemic, and the need to do everything virtually, we actually reached more people than in 2019, and we were able to invite our worldwide community to many of our programs.

Our Unity Prayers brought together not only clergy from all of the major faiths of the Holy Land, but also many new participants who enjoyed the opportunity to share prayers in the different faith traditions. Video and Zoom programming increased our exposure to the citizens of Palestine and Israel who, in the past, could not or would not come to in-person meetings. We constantly put forth our theme of activating religion as a force for peace, and it was very well received.

Without exception, all of the programs that we held this year had increased participation over the programs in 2019. We were also pleased that the Abrahamic Reunion was seen as a magnetic center pole for the forces advocating for peace and tolerance in the Holy Land.

We are very proud of our team, of Ghassan Manasra, Abed Alsalam Manasra, and Mohamad Jamous, as well as all the local people who worked with them and whose heroic efforts to bring together people created new possibilities for many Israelis and Palestinians to get to know each other for the first time. This year has been fraught with danger, but our coworkers have exhibited remarkable courage as they held aloft the ideal of Peace, even during in perilous circumstances.

Ghassan Manasra continues to demonstrate remarkable skill in recruiting renowned clergy to be part of our programs, as well as his behind-thescenes ability to bridge disparate communities. We are exceptionally fortunate to have an International Director of his vast capacity. Administratively, Chris Miller has woven together all of the loose ends in communication, fundraising, and general organization that we had hoped would become part of our infrastructure.

In this report, please read about the different programs that have come of age in 2020.

Yours, in peace,
David Less
Chairman of the Board