As we continue to celebrate TalkMatters’ first birthday and our productive year, we are excited to bring you our fifth clip from our series of weekly short videos, highlighting some of the inspiring people who have joined us in our webinars so far.  

This week we meet the Directors of two UK initiatives – Sharon Booth from Solutions not Sides and Jack Omer-Jackaman from Oasis of Peace UK.   Both organisations are important for Jewish-Muslim relations here in the UK where there is so much ignorance and confusion surrounding Israel, Palestine, Zionism and Anti-Semitism. 

Solutions Not Sides offers non-partisan educational sessions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for 15 -25 year olds. Their programme focuses on possible solutions based on the understanding of both sides’ narratives. The aim is to shift attitudes away from supporting one side against the other, and towards seeking a solution for the human beings involved.

Oasis of Peace UK supports the educational institutions of Wahat al-Salam~ Neve Shalom (WaSNS) – the unique village in Israel where Jews and Arabs live in a shared, equal society.  WaSNS is a pioneering role-model for Arab-Palestinian/Jewish projects. Its educational system has paved the way for the growing number of Israeli Jewish/Arab-Palestinian primary schools. At present there are six schools in Israel that follow the WaSNS model. 

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Our archive includes the whole webinars featuring Sharon and Jack if you’d like to see their full presentations.