The Abraham Initiatives (TAI)

The Abraham Initiatives (TAI) aim to create a more collaborative and equal shared society between Israel’s Arab and Jewish citizens. In so doing, TAI fulfills the vision of the Declaration of the State of Israel which envisioned Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people and a Democratic State for all its citizens.  The Abraham Initiatives run programmes in several focus areas, including  – ‘Education for a Shared Society’ (building bridges between Israel’s Jewish & Arab education systems & students), ‘Building Safe Communities’ (helping to build trust between communities and to tackle crime and violence in Arab society), ‘Media in a Shared Space’ (increasing the visibility of Arab society in Israel’s media) & ‘Leadership for a Shared Society’ (improving representation of Arab society in policy design and promoting a shared society as a key tenet of Israeli policy).  www.abrahaminitiatives.org

Panel discussion Education for a Shared Society

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