Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery is an organisation of about 1900 volunteers donating time and the use of their own vehicles on a regular basis to transport Palestinian patients and their family guardians between the government checkpoints and hospitals all over Israel. This service is provided mainly for Palestinian children with severe ailments who require medical treatment or procedures that are unavailable in the West Bank or Gaza.  For these children and their families, logistics and travel costs to Israeli hospitals are prohibitive, particularly for those patients requiring regular and recurring treatment. Road to Recovery’s information, referral and collaboration network includes Palestinian field volunteers, hospitals, and fellow non-profit Israeli and Palestinian organizations.  They believe that the assistance, besides being motivated by compassion, will generate good will, deepen human connections and contribute to peace between the two Peoples. Other activities include the acquisition of medical equipment for those in need and organizing special recreational days for patients and their families. www.roadtorecovery.org.il

On the way home from hospital

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